A Web-based DSS: Information System for Sustainable Fisheries Supply Chain in Coastal Communities of Small Islands Indonesia

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Wellem Anselmus Teniwut, Cawalinya Livsanthi Hasyim and Dawamul Arifin

Abstract. Recent advances of development in information technology and the rapid use of decision support systems have become one of the advantages that can be utilized for use in the fisheries sector specifically in small islands. With geography conditions that caused limited access between and within the region, a need for efficient and effective tools for interconnecting supply and production includes managing the marine resources available then Web-DSS one way to choose. This study design DSS for sustainable supply chain of sectors in Southeast Maluku Regency, Indonesia (SIRIPIKAN). The DSS framework that was built consists of the first three parts, identification of fishing locations, then identification of supplier and seller locations, the second is the measurement of the level of sustainability of marine resources and the third is the managerial fisheries business carried out. SIRIPIKAN aims to increase the profitability of coastal communities in the region related to fisheries business activities and also reserving the marine resources in the region. In this system, we used data mining combining with spatial analysis and feasibility study as an approach to as the basis of the development of the system. The model is able to provide an integrated sustainable production by using input from the user to optimize the decision making related to optimize the profitability and sustainable existing marine resources.

Key Words: DSS, Sustainable, SIRIPIKAN, Supply chain, Fisheries

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