Improving Performance Of Fisheries Sector In Maluku Province: Impulse Response Factor (IRF) Approach

Proceedings of The 1st International Conference on Applied Marine Science and Fisheries Technology (MSFT) August 18-21, 2015 – Langgur, Kei Islands, Indonesia

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Wellem Anselmus Teniwut, Eygner Gerald Talakua, Bruri Berel Tumiwa

AbstractFisheries sector is one of few major sources for revenue to Maluku Province, according to Indonesia Coordinating Investment Board in 2012 fishery sector which is include in agricultural sector had almost 30% of revenue of Maluku Province as total followed. Fisheries sector is the highest but isn’t high enough consider amount of potential natural sea resources so it’s crucial to figure out how to improving this sector. Purpose of this research is identified the priority factor for local government to increase performance of fisheries sector in Maluku province. This research uses interpolation data in order to deal with limitation of sum of data, with quarterly time series data from 2004-2013 and VAR (Vector Auto Regression) IRF approach. IRF is one of econometric analysis tool to determine the response of an endogenous variable to a shock given, which on this research is to analyze response of fisheries productivity to shock of its determine factors which are amount of catching ships/boats, number of catching fisheries households/company in Maluku Province and number of household aquaculture. Result of this research indicates that amount of catching ships/boats and number of catching fisheries households/company have significant and positive effect on fishery production also have permanent effect in long run but number of household aquaculture does not have significant effect but has positive permanent effect in long run. Means, local government can focused on developing catching fisheries since been reported by Indonesia ministry of marines and fisheries affair that approximately every year IDR 5 Trillion has been stolen from Maluku sea and huge potential that local government can utilize by adding more catching fish equipped with sufficient technology, good motor and size along with well-train crew.

Keywords: Fishery Productivity, Performance, Maluku, Impulse Response Factor

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