The Amino Acid of Sandfish Sea Cucumber (Holothuria scabra): Dry Method with Various Feeding Enzyme

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Kristhina P. Rahael, Santi Penina Tua Rahantoknam, Syahibul Kahfi Hamid

Abstract. Sand sea cucumber processing stages require the release of calcium on the surface of the skin, it is necessary for the addition of the enzyme papain from papaya latex to facilitate the process. The purpose of this study is to determine the type and composition of amino acids in dried sea cucumber due to the effect of the enzyme papain from papaya leaves with different methods. The results showed that dried sea cucumbers from the two methods approaches produced the same amino acid profile, even with different composition values. Where for sea cucumber type A obtained 9 essential amino acids and type B, obtained 8 non-essential amino acids. Thus, in order to maintain the amino acid content in dried sea cucumbers, it is better that when boiling sea cucumbers, the water temperature and the slices of papaya leaves to be controlled at a temperature of 500 C ± 50 C in order to minimize damage to amino acids.

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