Framework design of decision support system: Improving decision making in fishery supply chain for coastal communities

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Wellem Anselmus Teniwut, Cawalinya Livsanthi Hasyim 

Abstract.The focus of researchers in the field of decision making which related to designing a decision support system to assist in the decision-making process, so far is very limited to the fisheries sector, especially at the small and micro business scale. On the other hand, the SME-scale fisheries sector is a major driver of regional and country performance because it has a very significant multiplier effect on the economic development of the region. Specifically, for coastal areas, the main problem faced is the consistency of the results obtained, one of the main causes is a distorted supply chain. In this study, we are trying to design a conceptual framework for decision support systems in order to assist the decision-making process of fisheries business operators in coastal areas in the Kei Islands, Indonesia. With the main objective of expediting the supply chain of fisheries in this region. The design of the DSS that was built was adjusted to the needs of every fishery businessman in this region. So, in addition to web-based DSS framework design, we also conducted surveys on fisheries supply chain processes from capture fishermen and aquaculture farmers to adjust the conditions of needs and empirical problems to design DSS concepts that can help overcome supply chain problems in the fisheries sector in the region.

Key Words: decision support system, conceptual, supply chain, fisheries

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