Towards smart government for sustainable fisheries and marine development: An intelligent web-based support system approach in small islands

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Wellem Anselmus Teniwut, Cawalinya Livsanthi Hasyim and Frischilla Pentury

Abstract. Indonesia is one of the few archipelagic countries with an abundance of marine resources in the world. However, these characteristics provide different kinds of challenges for remote small island regions in the country, in particular for sustainable development of marine and fisheries. Southeast Maluku Regency also falls into that category. Located in the eastern part of Indonesia, with high biodiversity as it is included in the coral triangle area and flanked by two of the world’s largest fisheries, namely the Arafura Sea and the Banda Sea, the region’s marine and fishing sectors still underperform due to the lack of consistency in developing plans. This is due to the limited use of empirical information on the socio-economy, marine characteristics, and empirical potential of the region. This study aimed to build a web-based Intelligent Decision Support System (DSS) for sustainable fisheries and marine development of Southeast Maluku regency and use the system as the basis for evaluation of current and previous region’s marine and fisheries plans. The system provides all the basic to useful calculated information-based GIS (Geographical Information System) in an effort to help local governments better plan and develop the marine and fishing sectors.

Key Words: Smart City, DSS, Marine and fisheries, Southeast Maluku

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