Using spatial analysis with weighted overlay on selecting area for fisheries agroindustry in Southeast Maluku, Indonesia

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Wellem Anselmus Teniwut, Syahibul Kahfi Hamid, Marvin Mario Makailipessy

Abstract. As a archipelagic region with rich marine biodiversity, the abundance of raw material of fishes and other marine resources are high. This advantage should be capitalized to enhance and spread the welfare of coastal community in the region. Fisheries agroindustry is way to boost sustainable economic of a coastal region. Although, to select the appropriate sub-district as the best suite location for either fishes-based agroindustry and marine culture-based agroindustry have to face a complicated barriers, therefore the purpose of this study is to select the suitable sub-district location as the center of fishery agro-industry in Southeast Maluku Regency based on several related factors such as resource potential, number of fishermen and farmers, number
of production per year, supporting infrastructure and transportation. The method used in this study is spatial analysis with ArcGIS with utilizing weight overlay to process all the data based on experts perceptions. The results of this study are expected to be a comprehensive guidance for policy makers in this region in the context of sustainable regional development. The paper offers specific path based on empirical evidence for sustainable development in fisheries sector of Southeast Maluku District. 


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