The Study increasing Doses Of Plants Alstonia acuminata As Artificialfeed In Accelerating The Growth And Survival Of Groupers Fish (Chromileptes altivelis).

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Juliana,  Jane L. Dangeubun and  Diana Y. Syahailatua

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Abstract. In the long term this research aims at finding a method to enhance the control of bacterial diseases n safer and environmentally friendly fish farming. Meanwhile, the special target to attain is to obtain active antibacterial compounds through in vitro fertilization based on solvent polarity level and brown macroalgae active extract test through in vitro fertilization which can be used to increase fish survival rate in controlling bacterial diseases in fash farming. The extraction with methanol solvent results in he highest crude extract in all extracted seaweeds.  This is justiciable because the greatest yield is those resulted by methanol solvent. We can see that seaweed species of Sargassum olygocystum,  S.  cristaefolium,  S.  hemphylliurn,  turbinaria ornate and padina  australis  can produce the highest inhibition zone of 12.0 mm compared to other seaweed species extract in 100% concentration which is then followed by S. cristaefolium methanol extract, turbinaria water extract and Padina australis water extract.  Based on qualitative test chemical compound content of brown seaweed species, they contain phenolic, flavonoid, steroid and tanin  compound. Whilst all qualitative tested seaweed contain no saponin.  Thus, it is highly possible to develop those compounds as natural antibacterial and immunostimulant.

Keywords: Antibacterial and phytochemistrial, macroalgae, in-vitro fertilization, antibacterial, qualitative


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