Growth and Survival Rate of Abalon (Haliotis asinine) With Different Feed Indoor System

Proceedings of The 1st International Conference on Applied Marine Science and Fisheries Technology (MSFT) August 18-21, 2015 – Langgur, Kei Islands, Indonesia

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Helena Afia Sahusilawane,

Diana Yulanda Syahailatua,

Mariana Yermina Beruatjaan

AbstractThe purpose of this research is to study the effect of different feed on growth and survival of abalone (Haliotis asinina) that are cultivated in the tub with indoor system. The research is done by designing a tank an abalone cultivation abalone that is placed in the tub on Hatchery Laboratory, Polikant for 90 days. This research used a completely randomized design, which consists of four treatments and three replications. The factors which tested are: kinds of feed, which consist of four (4) treatments that are (A) Ulvasp, (B) Gracilaria sp., (C) Eucheuma cottonii and (D) feed combination. The tested objects that used are abalone seed (H. asinina) sized more than 20.0 cm which obtained from Revav village, Southeast Maluku. Frequency of feeding is done by look at the rest of feed consumed by seed. Dose feed which given is 15-25% of the body weight. Abalone seed (H. asinina) inserted in each tank preservation
as many as 10 individuals/tank and it hang on bamboo strips which are set above the tub.
  The analysis shows that E. cottonii giving the best response to the rate of growth of eggshell length and body weight of abalone is 0.56 ± 0.11% /day and 47.89 ± 8.868% /day.  Feed E. cottonii, give a good response for abalone seed survival rate were cultivated with in door systems, amount of 86.67 ± 5.77%.  


Keywords : Growth, survival, feed, abalone, Haliotis asinine

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