Ethanol Fermentation of Tetraselmis Sp Microalgae Waste’s Oli Extraction Result

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Cenny Putnarubun,

Martha Rettob,

Nally Erbabley,

S.K. Balubun

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Background: The scarcity of petroleum today, and the government’s economic growth, lead to increased demand for oil, so that over time the oil will run out. Therefore in order to address the need for energy, an alternative energy is needed. One of the efforts is to convert biomass into bioethanol. Microalgae are one source of biomass that can be used as a source of alternative energy or converted into bioethanol and biodiesel. Objectives: The aim of this study is fermentation of ethanol from Tetraselmis sp microalgae waste’s oil extraction results Results: the results showed sugar content with the highest
concentration of 1% with hydraulic 6 hours was 0.81 mg / mL and 9% hydrolysis of 12 hours was 0.856 mg / ml. The sugar content of ethanol is fermented with a variation of 9% oxalic acid concentration was 0.0565 mg / ml. The highest ethanol concentration was 1.23 mg / ml of fermented and can be concentrated to 96% ethanol Conclusion: The microalgae waste of oil extraction results can be fermented into ethanol and the content of ethanol fermented is 1.23 mg / ml

Keywords : Ethanol, fermentation, microalgae, waste, oil

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