Nutritional Contents of Lawar Perinereis cf. cultrifera (Grube 1840) from Wearlilir Waters Southeast Maluku District Indonesia

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Martha Rettob, Cenny Putnarubun, Nally Erbabley, Santy Rahantoknam

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Abstract. One marine food sources of economic value is Lawar Perinereis cultrifera that by coastal communities of Wearlilir village, known as the “S’u”, a traditional food. Local food has the potential to be expanded in a variety of diversified the fishery products. Therefore analysis of Lawar nutrient content needs to be done. The research objective was to determine the nutrient content of Lawar in Wearlilir waters as raw material for fish pellets. Proximate analysis of Lawar used 1995 OAC method and composition of fatty acids by GC-MS. The Results proximate analysis obtained includes Lawar proximate when blooming in September that consisted of moisture, 13.06%, ash 12.45%, fat 10.55%, and 61.94% protein, and carbohydrates 2.0%, and Lawar proximate when not blooming consists of 20.01% moisture, 12.67% ash content, the fat content of 10.16%, 55.06% protein, 2.1% carbohydrates. Results of analysis of fatty acid composition consist of saturated fatty acids 0.62% strearat acid (C18: 0), 0.22% palmitic acid (C16: 0), cyclopentadecanone 0.14%, 0.06% 3-carboxamide and fatty acids unsaturated 0.23% arachidonic acid (C20: 4, n-6). 6-oktadekanoid 0.08% acid, 9-oktadekanoid acid 0.06%. There were 17 kinds of amino acids, the amino acid is the highest hydroxyprolin 22, 015 mg.

Keywords: Lawar, nutrition, fish pellet, proximate

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