Potential Demand of Relatively New and Emerging Marine Ecotourism in Kei Islands

IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Volume 89, The 2nd International Conference on Applied Marine Science and Fisheries Technology (MSFT) 2017 22–25 August 2017, Langgur City, Southeast Maluku, Indonesia

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Ida I Dewa Ayu Raka Susanti, Wellem A. Teniwut, Syahibul Kahfi, Roberto M.K Teniwut, Simon Picaulima, Marselus Hungan, Meyske Rahantoknam, Cawalinya Hasyim, Siska D. Rahakbauw, M.R. Renjaan, Anna M. Ngabalin, Tati A. Ngangun, Frischila Pentury, Kamilius D. Betaubun, A.K Ngamel and Elisabeth C. Ohoiwutun

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Abstract. One of the main resources for the economic development of coastal are marine ecotourism. Although for developing country such as Indonesia and especially for an area that located far from a big city like Kei Islands in Maluku, development of marine ecotourism might face a greater challenge than any other places. Considering the potential for multiplier effect on economic of a coastal community, the purpose of this research was to analyze and measure the economic value of new, raw and emerging marine ecotourism spot and determine the demand based on domestic tourist perspective. We pick five new and emerging marine ecotourism spots in this area as case study and used purposive sampling technique to target potential domestic tourist who have visited those five marine ecotourism spots and measure their preference and measure their demand potential by used willingness to revisit (WTR) and logistic regression for analyze the data, this research conducted in Kei Islands, Indonesia. This result can provide broad and comprehensive perspective on developing marine ecotourism in a mildly isolated coastal area like Kei Islands and place similar.

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