Decision support system in supply chain: A systematic literature review

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Wellem Anselmus Teniwut, and Cawalinya Livsanthi Hasyim

Abstract. Systematic literature review in supply chain and decision support system, in general, have been rapidly performed during the last decade. However, the studies on the epistemological progress of decision support system related to the supply chain are still lacking. This study intended to provide comprehensive information on the trends, methodologies and the applications on different sectors and platforms used by scientists for building their decision support systems in supply chain. We used different keywords to collect the raw data based on articles published in well-known journals in the world to select the eligible studies which furthermore assembled. The data were processed by using bibliometric tool in VOSviewer and Microsoft Excel. The results of this systematic review give some key learning of the trends on the use of decision support system on smoothing the flow of supply chain and the logistic performance in the last decade and also provide a background for future research related to the fields.

Key Words: Bibliometric, Decision support system, Supply chain, Systematic literature review

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