Minimizing the instability of seaweed cultivation productivity on rural coastal area: A case study from Indonesia

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Wellem A. Teniwut, Roberto M. K. Teniwut.

Abstract. This research aims to identify, assess and select the key factor to improve and create the sustainability in productivity of seaweed cultivation by seaweed farmers in Southeast Maluku, Indonesia. This research is necessary to overcome the problems faced by the micro-scale enterprises on seaweed cultivation and by local government because of a significant declining in the number of productive micro enterprises on seaweed cultivation which have caused decrease on region total seaweed production since 2012. The results of this research showed the quality and quantity of seaweed as the most noted criteria by micro-scale enterprises seaweed cultivation. Results also demonstrated that openness and access to the technology were the key factors in resolving the problems and will improve the performance and sustainability of seaweed cultivation in Southeast Maluku, Indonesia.

Key Words: Cultivation, Rural coastal area, Seaweed farmers, Southeast Maluku

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