The effect of tangible and intangible aspects on satisfaction of seaweed information center's end-users in Indonesia

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Wellem Anselmus Teniwut and Tati Atia Ngangun

Abstract. Southeast Maluku District was one of the largest producers of seaweed in Eastern Indonesia, but the production and number of farmers have decreased significantly since 2013 due to the effective use of information center in the region. This has been discovered to be as a result of the tangible and intangible factors affecting the satisfaction of the end users of this center. Therefore, the primary objective of the paper was to determine the effect of these factors on the satisfaction of end-users of the information center. The research was conducted quantitatively through the use of questionnaires distributed to 296 respondents living in the region. The areas sampled include 13 villages spread in 6 sub-districts of Southeast Maluku District, Indonesia, and the research was conducted between April to August 2018. The results showed that tangible factors play significant roles in satisfying the users of seaweed information center while intangible factors like service was found to have negative effect on the satisfaction of the end-users. The main factors found contributing to the anomaly of the findings include the socio-economic and socio-cultural conditions of coastal communities as well as the lack of infrastructures especially road and communication access and other geographical characteristics of the region.

Key Words: Seaweed, Information center, Satisfaction, Tangible, Intangible.

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