Seaweed Micro-Business Enterprises’ Support on Forming the Information Centre of Seaweed Farming

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Wellem Anselmus Teniwut, Marimin, dan Taufik Djatna

Abstract. Currently, seaweed has decreased in the number of farmers and productivity caused by many factors, the main trigger of which is the asymmetric information in the supply chain of seaweed cultivation in Southeast Maluku District. Thus, one of the solutions that can be offered is by the opening of the seaweed cultivation information center. The objective of the present research was to estimate the perception of micro seaweed business enterprises namely distributors, sellers of seeds and farmers on the idea of forming the seaweed farming information center in Southeast Maluku District. The data collection was conducted from January to May 2018, using purposive sampling on 13 villages spread over 6 districts with a total sample of 232 respondents. Data analysis methods used in this research was descriptive analysis and logistic regression. The Data was obtained by using questionnaires and in-depth interview. The results showed that from social economic factor, the older and higher education level, tend not to support seaweed information center. In addition, based on the role on seaweed, the distributors in this region tend to reject the idea of forming the information center of seaweed farming, because it will weaken their ability to manipulate the selling price and product quality.

Key Words: Asymmetric information, seaweed, Southeast Maluku District, Logistic Regression

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