Challenges in Reducing Seaweed Supply Chain Risks Arising Within and Outside Remote Islands in Indonesia: An Integrated MCDM Approach

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Wellem A. Teniwut

Abstract. In Indonesia, which has the largest archipelago in the world, most coastal and small island regions in the country rely upon their daily economic activities in fisheries and marine resource utiliza- tion, including seaweed cultivation. Some of the regions are still entirely situated in remote areas such as Kei Islands in Maluku Province, which have relatively smallest islands in the region lack- ing in infrastructure. The location of these islands brings a whole new challenge for maintaining not only an ideal interisland sup- ply chain but also transportation within the islands. Kei Islands is one of the leading producers of seaweed from eastern Indonesia and therefore reducing the risks of seaweed supply chain within and outside these islands has become a necessity to sustain pro- ductivity of seaweed. In this chapter, an integrated multicriteria decision-making (MCDM) with fuzzy logic is used to provide a better decision based on a large number of related complex fac- tors. House of risk (HOR) is performed in the MCDM tool, which was developed based on quality function deployment (QFD) and FMEA concept, and fuzzy AHP to provide a better understand- ing and give the best alternative to minimize the risks encountered

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