Effect of KW21 and water-extracted horseradish leaf combination on Nannochloropsis sp. density in laboratory scale

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Petrus Paulus Letsoin, Jane Lulinda Dangeubun, Diana Yulanda Syahailatua, Silvester Benny Pratasik

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Abstract. This study aims to know the effect of water-extracted horseradish Moringa oleifera leaf and KW21 fertilizer combination application on the density of Nannochloropsis sp. It was conducted in the Natural Food Laboratory of State Polytechnique, Tual. The experiment used complete randomized design with 5 treatments and 3 replications: A (25% horseradish leaf extract + 75% KW21), B (50% horseradish leaf extract + 50% KW21), C (75% horseradish leaf extract + 25% KW21), D (positive control of 100% KW21), and E (negative control of 100% horseradish leaf extract). Results showed that Treatment C yielded the best result, both the highest density of Nannochloropsis sp. and suitable harvest time.

Keywords: Nannochloropsis sp.; Horseradish leaf; KW21 fertilizer; Laboratory scale

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