Synthesis of Biodiesel From Callophylum inophyllum L. Seeds Using CaO Catalyst from the Shell of Ale-Ale (Meretrix-meretrix)

The 7th International Conference on Basic Sciences 2021 (ICBS 2021)

Cite as: AIP Conference Proceedings 2588, 020020 (2023)

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I Wayan Sutapa,

Sutina Rumbia,

Serly Jolanda Sekewael,

Ceny Putnarubun,

Adriani Bandjar, and

Azlan Kamari

Doc. Similarity

Abstract. The conversion of Callophylum inophyllum L. oil into biodiesel using CaO catalyst from the shell of ale-ale (Meretrix-meretrix) in microwave-assisted reactor catalyst through transesterification has been carried out. The transesterification process was carried out using the ratio of moles of methanol/oil, the amount of catalyst, the variation of time, and the variation of the weight of the catalyst. The results showed that the optimum biodiesel obtained was at a mole ratio of methanol/oil 1:15, the amount of catalyst was 4%, the variation of time was 60 minutes, and the variation of
temperature was 65 oC. In the transesterification reaction, the optimum biodiesel produced from Callophylum inophyllum L. seed oil with a reaction time of 60 minutes, 4% catalyst weight, reaction temperature of 65 °C and a ratio of 1:12 methanol oil with the amount of biodiesel produced is 40.63%.

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