Synthesis of Biodiesel Using KOH-montmorilonite Catalyst K10 in Microwave Modified Reactor

The 7th International Conference on Basic Sciences 2021 (ICBS 2021)

Cite as: AIP Conference Proceedings 2588, 020017 (2023)

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I Wayan Sutapa,
Siti M.A Rahanyaan,
Serly J. Sekewael,
Ceny Putnarubun,
Adriani Bandjar, and
Koichiro Shiomori

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Abstract. The biodiesel production using KOH-Montmorilonite catalyst in microwave-assisted reactor catalyst through transesterification has been carried out. The transesterification process was carried out using the ratio of moles of methanol/oil, the amount of catalyst, the variation of time, and the variation of the weight of the catalyst. The results showed that the optimum biodiesel obtained was at a mole ratio of methanol/oil 1:9, the amount of catalyst was 3%, the variation of time was 45 minutes, and the variation of temperature was 65 oC with a biodiesel conversion is 50.26%.

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